Let's Remove The Thailand Monarchy

King Rama X Needs To Step Down

. Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun of Thailand is a thief whose Family has stolen over $30 Billion USD from Thailand

The King Never Smiles

The disgusting wealthy of Thailand

Evil King

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Let's Remove the Thailand Monarchy

Letter To All Royalty From The New Global Communist Party

Ever notice how as far back as the memory of the Collective goes there have been these curious anomalies that are referred to as “Royalty”? These individuals Lorded over all lands and claimed ownership of the people and have existed throughout our collective history and over the Globe. In actuality there is no ownership, as this Planet has never belonged to any single species, entity or government. It is not possible to purchase or to sell land or resources and therefore these individuals who fancy themselves as “Royalty” will be set free from their delusions when the New Global Communist Party is made manifest. In order to bring about Human Civilization Level One it will no longer be possible to permit Human beings to indulge in these fantasies of ownership and all will come to the realization that the only Race is the Human Race and the only Family is the Human Family. Those who still regard themselves as “Royalty” will be provided with a single Dwelling Unit and be expected to participate in the New Global Culture of “service to others” in order to obtain the Human Labour Value Credits that will be required for all manner of luxuries. There is still some time before the New Global Communist Party manisfests and begins to establish order from chaos and Human Civilization Level One from Level Zero. All changes that will be introduced Globally will be introduced in a timely, fair and compassionate manner, yet introduced they shall be.
Octaevius Altair
Permanent Chief State Advisor N.G.C.P.
Grandmaster Of The Globe  U.P.O.L.


The incidents of the foul Monarchy of Thailand, imprisoning hundreds of people for criticising them in any way is deplorable and largely ignored by the Human Collective of the Planet Earth. There are simply too many incidents to list them all here. These people need to be removed and exiled and Thailand set free from all the Royal theives.